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Don’t we all desire to have classy furniture that brings out the best in our living rooms? We love it when a friend comes into our house and is all wow! Beautiful!  Unfortunately, it is possible that you can’t afford to spend a fortune in the purchase of new furniture. This is where Simons of Manhattan comes in, where we will ‘surgically’ repair and restore your furniture and give the old furniture a brand new look. Furniture restoration is a procedure that will give your home or office a new and appealing look if it is carried out by professionals.

The old furniture will become useful again

Old furniture will be of no benefit to you if you throw it away so that you can create room for new furniture. The best option will be to contact

It is environment-friendly

In the process of the furniture restoration, the amount of carbon that will be emitted into the environment will be less compared to the amount of carbon dioxide that will be emitted

It is cost-friendly

The cost of having your furniture repaired is lower compared to the cost that you have spent buying new furniture. This will ensure that only a part of the savings will be spent on giving a new look

Create a new style

If your furniture no longer has the appeal it had when it was made, do not stress yourself. Our furniture restoration Company will ensure that the old look in your furniture has been changed

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