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Simon’s Decorating & Design is a residential and commercial interior designer, furniture restoration and custom furniture firm based out of Brooklyn, New York. Founded in 1990, Simon’s Decorating & Design has helped thousands of clients across the Greater New York area get extraordinary service for their interior space from custom upholstery work, window treatments, leather work, and much more.

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We believe that interior design can have a significant impact on your quality of life, whether at home or at work. This is why we continue to provide an impressive range of solutions from consultation to design and restoration work to all our clients.

Our goal

Our ultimate goal is to create exclusive and appealing designs for homes, offices, and other interior spaces. What We Do We Don’t Just Service Your Interior Space – We Create Experiences Simon’s Decorating & Design follows a simple concept to creating an experience around your interior space.

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Planning & Design

  • Planning helps you make efficient use of the interior space and determine the budget. Designing is where our magic begins, and is completely customizable to your needs.

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Custom Furniture

  • Our expert craftsmen have over 20 years of experience in creating durable and aesthetically pleasing furniture, including beds, sofas, chairs, tables, and much more.

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Furniture Rehabilitation

  • You don’t have to get new furniture if your old ones need some finishing, and upholstery work. Let us breathe life into your old furniture and make it appealing again.

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Furniture Restoration Brooklyn

Whether you need new leather fittings for your sofa, or slipcovers that protect the surface of your furniture, our furniture restorers will make your old furniture look and feel as good as new.

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Window Treatments

Fine window treatments, blinds, and draperies are available for both residential and commercial clients. Promoting natural light in your interior space can transform its appearance and your quality of life in the long term!

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Interior Renovation

Old furniture and poor planning can make any interior space look dull. Work with our interior designers and renovators and create a new look in a cost effective way.

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At Simon’s Decorating & Design, we believe in creating Timeless, elegant, and décor-oriented spaces that can transform the way you live and work. For more than 25 years, we have been successfully helping homeowners and business owners get affordable and quality interior design solutions across New York. Furniture can become a work of art when created by craftsmen who want to make a statement with each piece. This is what Simon’s Decorating & Design specializes in by helping your vision become a reality. To know more about interior planning, design, custom furniture, and restoration, contact us today!

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